100 x 1g Fine Silver CombiCoin

100x1g Ag CombiCoins, manufactured by Valcambi SA are legal tender investment coins of the Cook Islands.

The face value of each Cook Islands CombiCoin represents 100 x 0,10 Cook Islands dollars. The front side of each individual coin wears an image of Queen Elizabeth II. The back side of each individual coin shows the weight and purity of the coin and a classic fertility theme of the South Sea paradise.

The Swiss-based silver bullion maker Valcambi SA produces 100g CombiCoins for the international market in the A7 format. The Cook Islands square coins are minted according to the extremely high quality for which Valcambi is known and meet the highest optical and technical standards.

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Technical data

Purity99,9% Fine Silver
Denomination100x10 Cook Islands Cents
Weight100g (100x1g)
ManufacturerValcambi SA
CombiCoin back side
CombiCoin back side
CombiCoin front side
CombiCoin front side