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Valcambi, the LBMA-certified, Swiss-based precious metal refinery and mint, was founded in 1961. For many years, it was under the ownership of Credit Suisse until it sold in 2003 to gold producer Newmont Mining and the former founders of the firm. In 2007, Mitsubishi Corporation acquired a stake in the firm. Since 2015 Valcambi is now owned by Rajesh Exports Ltd. (REL), the biggest indian jeweler concern.

Among Valcambi's clientele are a number of renown international operating banks.

Valcambi's top quality workmanship of it's minted products is one of it's distinguishing brand attributes recognized by precious metal specialists all over the globe.
The worldwide demand of the company's bullion bars is further proof of it's level of excellence. They are also producing the famous Responsible Gold Bullion seria made out of Valcambi Green Gold.

The company offers all standard gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars as well as coins and medals made of precious metals with either the buyers customized logo or the Valcami corporate logo.

Valcambi, which is located in Balerne, Switzerland is one of very few refiners to offer Green Gold products which provides full documentation of the gold content from the mine to the finished bars or coins.

In 2011, Valcambi was granted the exclusive licence to manufacture the flexible, precious metal bullion product CombiBars®. Those are minted according to the Valcambi Investment Product Standard under its own name or with customized logo for large volume buyers.

Banks and precious metal dealers can place orders for 100 CombiBars and more directly at Valcambi sa in Balerna.

Smaller volumes may be ordered at the Valcambi online shop at

Valcambi sa
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