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How to divide CombiBars™ into 1g bars:

Gebrauchsanleitung CombiBar 1
Gebrauchsanleitung CombiBar 2
Gebrauchsanleitung CombiBar 1
Gebrauchsanleitung CombiBar 1

To break off individual rows or bars from the CombiBar™:

•              Simply place one row between your thumb and index finger and gently bend up and down.

•              It is now possible to easily detach the row with no sharp edges or loss of material.

•              You can subsequently remove individual 1g bars from the row in the same manner.

CombiBars - detachable Gold

Product Concept / The Story Behind It

The idea of detachable bullion CombiBars™ came ESG in the summer of 2010. Due to global banking and european currency crises, more and more investors started to demand a higher number of small bars rather than few larger ones to increase their flexibility in the event of an economic crisis or to simplify future trading.

Once they were patented, ESG, the German company Heimerle + Meule and the Swiss Mint Valcambi joined to produce and market the divisible bars worldwide.

Innovation, tradition and experience combined for excellence.

Sell CombiBars™ Individual gold Bars

Just like standard bullion, CombiBars™ and the individual bars from the CombiBars™ can be sold at any time to precious metal dealers at the current purchasing rates.

Product Information

CombiBar splitting Step 1
CombiBar™ splitting Step 1
CombiBar splitting Step 2
CombiBar™ splitting Step 2
CombiBar splitting Step 3
CombiBar™ splitting Step 3
CombiBar splitting Step 4
CombiBar™ splitting Step 4
1g bar of an CombiBar
Thats it - The worlds firsth divisible gold bar